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I work as a freelance television cameraman in the UK broadcasting industry. I've been a cameraman for over 30 years now and still thoroughly enjoy my career. Every day has new challenges and rewards, whether it's delivering precise and repeatable studio work, following the flow of a live sports event or being able to contribute to a major event's coverage. It's all a creative and satisfying way to earn a living.

After over twenty years working for the BBC I left to work for a broader range of companies in 2001. My clients now include not only various different departments of the BBC, but also Channel 4, ITV, Sky TV and major corporations such as IBM and Lotus.
My main area of work is multi camera programmes both in the studio and on location, but I also have experience of single camera location shooting and lighting as well.

I started my career working at BBC Television Centre studios and more recently with the Outside Broadcast department. During my time with the BBC I worked on most types of the BBC's output, from State occasions to children's programmes. I'm sure that if you've ever watched TV you will have seen at least something I've shot.

To find out which programs I've been involved with over the years please use the links below.

Recent Work
Some of the more interesting programs I've worked on during the last few years.

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  • On location for EastEnders


    Covering the London Marathon from the roof of Canary Wharf Tower
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