Throughout 2019

Working in Albert Square


2019 more EastEnders.
In 2018 I worked with several new directors to EastEnders, to test me further in 2019 I was asked to help someone entirely new to television directing. Stepping into television with no previous experience sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the three week block of shooting in the spring became my favorite block of the year. Sarah Esdaile came from a background of theatre directing and arrived at the studio with a fantastic grasp of what was needed dramatically and some interesting ideas for how she'd like it to look on screen.

The Proms
July and August 2019

Proms 2019

I never tire of working at The Proms each summer.
Wondeful music, a magnificent hall to enjoy it in, plus some usually challenging work too
Each year also seems to bring new experiences, some years it's new premiere's of musical works, sometimes different concert formats. This year was my first experience of a CBeebies Prom. A varied programme for small children and a very boisterous audience too.

Live at the Apollo
September 2019

The Apollo

A pleasant change from the seriousness of drama and classical music came with an invitation to work on Live at the Apollo.

Much of my early days in televison were working on comedy and light entertainment, so there was an element of going back to my roots working on a programme where there were loads of laughs.

Garsington Opera at Wormsley
May, June and July 2019

The opera pavilion from the garden

My annual visits to the Garsington Opera at Wormsley, this year was primarily to record Mozart's The Magic Flute.

This year, although again not broadcast on normal television, was available online both on Opera TV and YouTube.
An addition this year was additional enhanced archive recording of some of their other productions including the premiere of a new opera called Skating rink you can see a preview of here. The television production is directed and cut by Sonia Lovett who scripts each shot with great care. All of the crew are very experienced ex-BBC staff.

CFA Institute conference
May 2019

Excel centre, London

In between broadcast work, I often work for international blue chip companies on presentations and conferences. On a technical level this sort of work can seem undemanding, but often requires a lot of patience and attention to maintain standards when the content is very technical or esoteric.

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