Throughout 2018

Outside the Queen Victoria


2018 more EastEnders. Again the majority of my work for BBC's EastEnders was as a camera supervisor.
This year some came extra new challenges. I was asked to help two new directors get to grips with the frenetic pace of production.
Although both had a lot of previous experience with single camera productions, shooting with up to four cameras is a step up in complexity and requires a different approach to planning and staging the action. I was involved at an early stage to help them understand the constraints and opportunities our production style, equipment and sets present.
It was a very rewarding experience to help them bring something new to EastEnders and to ease them into the very pressured world of our production schedule without any off screen drama.

The Proms
July and August 2018

Proms 2018

The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall has been a regular treat for most of my career now. Having returned to the Proms in 2017 after my unfortunate unavailability in 2016, it was great to be back again for 2018 season.
One of the great things about working on The Proms is the opportunity to hear brand new works as well as familiar classics. The first night was a perfect example, the first half featuring Holst's The Planets and a premiere of Anna Meredith's five telegrams in the second half. A wonderful orchestral piece with a great light display to accompany it.

Garsington Opera at Wormsley
May and June 2018

Always fascinating sets at Garsington Opera

My annual visit to the Garsington Opera at Wormsley, this year was primarily to record Mozart's The Magic Flute.
One of Mozart's best loved operas, Garsington's, as ever, wonderful staging was a pleasure to be involved with.
This year, although again not broadcast on normal television, was available online both on Opera TV and YouTube.
An addition this year was additional enhanced archive recording of some of their other productions including the premiere of a new opera called Skating rink you can see a preview of here. The television production is directed and cut by Sonia Lovett who scripts each shot with great care. All of the crew are very experienced ex-BBC staff.

Carly Paoli Valentine day concert
February 2018

Cadogan Hall

The first music work of the year was at Cadogan Hall for Carly Paoli's Valentine day concert.
This was another job for Eyetidy/PLN facilities who also facilitate the Garsington Opera recordings. Again directed and cut by the hugely experienced Sonia Lovett. Despite little opportunity for rehearsal the end result looks stunning and the production company were delighted by all our hard work.
You can see an excerpt here.

BT webcast
May 2018

Fantastic views from the top

Many days working in TV are stuck in dark studios, so it made a great change to work on a live webcast at the top of the BT Telecom tower in London. Having watched the tower being built, then from the windows of my school as a child, but I'd never managed to get a trip to the top. It wasn't a disappointment, but getting our kit up to that level was 'interesting' to say the least.

Other recent work
Throughout 2018

Whilst it's nice to be able to display some pictures of the programmes I've worked on, it's not always possible. So here a few other programmes I worked on this year.

  • Live web casts for BT, JT productions
  • Premiereship rugby for ITV, Perform
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