How do I become a cameraman?


Tricky one that. It's more difficult than ever to recommend a way into the industry. The BBC very rarely recruit new camera staff now.
The best way into the industry is to complete a good dedicated TV course such as the excellent one run at the National Film and Television school in Beaconsfield.
You might also find a way into the industry by attending a film school or media degree, although documentary and feature filming are very different to the sort of work I normally do.

Can I work with you unpaid for work experience ?


I'm afraid this is effectively impossible.

What academic qualifications do I need?


A good basic education with a bias towards the sciences is probably best. Check with any prospective colleges as to what they require. An interest in photography or film making is pretty essential too.

How do I contact you if I would like to offer you work?


Click on the comments button below and send me details. I'll get back to you very quickly.

Have you met anyone famous?

Well it's inevitable when you work in television. Check through the lists of programs I've worked on and you can work out who I've worked with.

What's going to happen next in EastEnders ?

Sorry, but I'm contractually not allowed to say anything about what I've been involved with shooting and hasn't been transmitted. You'll just have to watch the programme yourself and see. I wouldn't want to spoil the suspense anyway!

Is it well paid?

No, not nearly as well paid as most people expect. No one gets rich being a cameraman.

Who's the worst person to work with?

You don't think I'd be indiscreet enough to mention anyone's name do you?

Can you get me xxx's autograph?

No, nor can I get scripts or any other celebrity items for your charity's auction. Sorry.

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