I've always loved taking photographs.
Trying to capture that feeling of being somewhere, Light, Place, Texture.
Sometimes I get lucky and I'm happy with the results, sometimes not.
Judge for yourself by looking at some of the portfolios.


Use the links below to browse some small portfolios of my pictures.
If you click on the individual pictures you'll go to a larger version of the picture that has details of how and where it was taken.
Please remember that these photos are my copyright. If you'd like to use them please ask me first. I can also supply gallery quality archival prints for framing of any pictures you like too, at a very reasonable cost.

Caving photographs
The farmers at Hereford market
Iceland's famous iceberg lagoon


Cave Photography The problems and some solutions to photography underground.
Lighting for underground photography A small Flash presentation about lighting things underground with electronic flash. You'll need the Flash plug-in to view this page.
Epson 2100 printer review A personnal review of the new Epson 2100 printer. What it's good at, what it's poor at, what profiles you need and what papers work best with it.
Scanning 35mm panoramic film A tutorial on how to modify the 35mm glassless film carrier of the Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro film scanner to handle 35mm panoramic film.

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