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Low loader shoot


2014 saw me working more frequently as a Camera Supervisor on EastEnders, including two weeks programmes with the talented David Moor directing. The first week of programmes included two complex locations shoots.
Our first challenge was an extremely busy day shooting at a local swimming pool. Careful planning ensured that we worked as efficiently as possible, with several long tracking shots needed, jib shots, underwater shots, there was never a spare moment for the whole crew. With high temperatures and humidity around the pool, I think we all lost a few pounds that day.
Another location day included a lot of in-car shooting both on the road and with the car on a filming low loader.

My final work for EastEnders in 2014 was again with cars, shooting the dramatic car crash shown on New Years day. A complex stunt with many interesting shots to achieve. I relish the opportunity to solve the puzzles involved in mounting cameras inside vehicles that will crash; making sure the cameras are in the correct place to get the shots the director needs to tell the story, but also ensuring they don't get damaged in the process.

The Proms

July and August 21014

Kiss me Kate

With a new facilities company taking the BBC's Proms, I was back at the Royal Albert Hall to work on the Proms again in 2014.
Having worked on the The Proms throughout my career, the 2014 season had a special significance as it would include working on my 100th Prom concert, a record few cameramen can match.
A highlight of the season was the Cole Porter musical Kiss me Kate that was recorded to be shown on Christmas Day. Television direction was by the inspiring Bridget Caldwell whose meticulous planning and scripting ensured both rehearsals and final recording went without a hitch.

Hampstead Theatre web casts
Throughout 2014

In rehearsals for Drawing the line

Two interesting and challenging productions this year were live webcasts for Hampstead Theatre. The theatre has an innovative programme to allow wider audiences for it's sold out and critically acclaimed productions by showing the last night live on the internet.
One Box television provide the facilities and just a few cameras are strategically placed in the auditorium. With only one performance to use as a rehearsal, remembering artist positions and action is tricky. Television direction was again by Bridget Caldwell fresh from her success at The Proms season. The transmissions were very well received and watched by a global audience. I look forward to working on more in 2015.

Garsington Opera at Wormsley
June 2014

The opera pavilion

The stage

Another Arts body using television to show their work to a wider audience is the Garsington Opera at Wormsley.
Their acclaimed productions are performed in a magnificent temporary pavilion set in the Chiltern hills, east of Oxford.
The pavillion is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a long interval allows the audience to enjoy al fresco dining between acts.

Just like the web casts from Hampstead we only got one rehearsal, but luckily there was enough time and budget to allow the director, Sonia Lovett, to fully script the performance. Just like a full broadcast opera we were able to see a scratch tape of the opera before the rehearsal performance and go through almost a thousand scripted shots.

This year's production was of Offenbach's Vert Vert, a charming and funny opera that suited the stage perfectly.
The end result was a fine recording we were all very proud of that would be suitable for broadcast.

Other recent work
Throughout 2014

Whilst it's nice to be able to display some pictures of the programmes I've worked on, it's not always possible. So here a few other programmes I worked on this year.

  • 6 Nations Rugby for BBC Sport
  • Premiereship football for BBC Sport
  • The London Welsh Festival of Male Choirs for SAIN See a clip from it here
  • The Freesat awards for Eyetidy
  • Hertz live web casts for Eyetidy
  • Archbishop of Canterbury's address at Bury St Edmunds Cathedral for Eyetidy
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