The Secret Trial of Constance Wilde
October 2000

This innovative production for BBC Knowledge was one of the last productions I supervised before leaving the BBC. The stage production of the play was recorded using five cameras, four of which were operated remotely.
The production was very well suited to this type of coverage and Trevor Hampton's excellent camera script worked perfectly.
Two cameras were mounted on the front of the gallery on suspended remote controlled heads, driven by Optex's Pan Bar Input System. The operators were situated in control rooms at the back of the auditorium. Two more had more conventional joy stick operation and the final fifth camera was at the back of the stalls normally operated.

Opening of Tate Modern
May 2000

The biggest museum of Modern Art was opened at the beginning of May 2000 in Southwark. The museum is housed in the old Southwark power station designed by Gilbert Scott. The huge hall that held the great electricity generators provides an impressive space to display large pieces of sculpture. It also provided a good location for three live programs throughout the day covering the official opening of the museum.
Please see some more pictures of the hall on my portfolio page.

Question Time in Brussels
Feb. 2000

Hotel D'Ville, Brussels
A brief trip to Brussels to record a special edition of Question Time.
The program was recorded in L'Hotel D'Ville in the historic Grande Place in the very centre of Brussels. A magnificent location to work in.
Interior of the Great Hall The travelling set was squeezed into The 16th Century Grand Hall. With the all lighting rig suspended from a free standing gantry.
Boxes everywhere Behind the scenes we soon filled everywhere up with flight cases. Carefully having to avoid placing anything on the original floorboards and antique Delft tiles!

The Millennium Celebrations
Dec. 1999

The Millennium Dome, Greenwich.
It seemed a really good idea at the time, volunteer to operate the two cameras on the roof of Canary Wharf Tower, the tallest building London. I'd get a great view of the fireworks and be away from all the crowds. It's a shame the weather was so bad. Cloudbase 700ft, height of cameras 735ft.
Our last meal of the old Millennium. Our last meal of the 20th century, a Chinese take away with ten minutes to eat it in. Dining in the water softening unit.
Glamorous, huh?

The Total Solar Eclipse 1999

Wednesday 11th August 1999 was the only day that the UK would have a total eclipse of the sun in my lifetime. The BBC covered the event from the centre of totality at a marvellous location at Marazion in Cornwall overlooking St. Michael's Mount.
Phillipa Forrester trying to keep the worst of the rain off. It should have been amazing. The day before was fantastic, the day after brilliant, but the day of the only total solar eclipse in England in my lifetime was horrible.
At least I was somewhere I might have seen it.

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