The Experiment
Dec 2001

Back in 1971 the famous Stamford Prison experiment locked away a group of volunteers in a simulated prison, some as prisoners and some as guards to see how people reacted to being given power. That experiment was stopped after 5 days as the "guards" began abusing the "prisoners". As a result Professor Zimbardo, who ran the project, drew conclusions about human behaviour that have been argued about ever since by psychologists.
The Experiment
To further investigate the conclusions drawn by the Stamford experiment two UK psychologists proposed a similar experiment. 14 volunteers were locked up in a massive "set", 9 as prisoners and 5 as guards. The project was massively expensive and to help funding the BBC were invited to co-fund the experiment and assist in monitoring the people and make a series of TV programmes about the experiment.
The set had 31 unmanned fixed cameras, 3 remotely operated cameras and 6 normal studio cameras able to move around outside the set shooting in through one way mirrors. Coverage was 24 hours a day for the duration of the experiment, with a single cameraman handling the night requirements and two crews splitting the waking hours.

Proms season 2001
July - September 2001

The greatest classical music festival in the world was transmitted both on BBC1, BBC2 and on BBC Knowledge channel this year. The Proms have always been a favourite of mine to work on. Whilst I'm not always completely familiar with the music, the concerts are inevitably an interesting mix of pieces.
The concerts are always a challenge to work on. The camera scripts usually have 700 or more shots and you only get one chance to see them before the performance.
This year the concerts for BBC Knowledge added to the complexity by requiring continuous coverage, even during the interval the live transmission continued with interviews and pieces to camera. Nearly three hours of live programme every night for a week, wonderful to work on.

New British Comedy Awards
July 2001

Six weeks travelling round the country shooting the eight semi finals for the New British Comedy Awards for BBC Choice. Each semi final was held in a comedy club somewhere in the UK. We had just a single day to build the set, light the venue, rig cameras, a director's monitoring position and then shoot the performances. Then finally everything had to be pulled out the same night. A punishing schedule, but huge fun.
Five cameras were used. All were available via cable or radio link to the directors position. Radio talkback was provided to the cameras as well.

British F1 Grand Prix
July 2001

The second week in July saw the Formula 1 Grand Prix circus arrive at Silverstone again. Three days of ear splitting noise and bustling crowds.
For the third year I manned the pit lane exit camera. This camera covers the lower end pits and sees all of the cars out of the pit lane. The cars pass only feet away and panning with them takes some effort!

Work in 2002

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