Priest's Cove, Penwith All the pictures on this page were taken using rotating lens panoramic cameras. These cameras are fitted with a wide angle lens that rotates in special drum to give an extreme wide angle view (140°) without distorting the picture like a fisheye lens.


If the camera is held carefully level there is very little distortion and the picture appears quite normal. By tilting the camera forwards or backwards the horizon can appear to dish up or down adding a dramatic touch to some subjects. Chun Quoit


To see some more shots taken with panoramic cameras look at the Tate Modern, Southwold, Jubilee Line portfolios.


Whilst the panoramic format matches how we see the world horizontally, using the cameras vertically can show a new perspective on things.



The shot above is an exception as it wasn't taken with a rotating lens camera, but is an example of a stitched panorama. See my 360°imaging page for more details.

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