Danger abandoned mines

Adit level in Bellan Mine, Cornwall.

The drainage adit in Bellan Mine, Cornwall.

Let me start off by saying that old mines can be very dangerous places, please take careful note of the warnings at the bottom of the page.
However they are also fascinating to anyone with an interest in industrial archaeology. It is still possible to visit underground workings that no other living person has seen.
My first introduction to exploring old mines was in North Wales at Rhosydd Slate mine in Snowdonia.
Slate mines are worked in vast chambers that often open to the surface. Driven through solid rock they also tend to be relatively safe places compared to many other types of mines. Sadly Rhosydd has recently suffered several serious roof falls and is no longer the safe place it once seemed.

The Level 9 Adit, Rhossydd

9 adit of Rhossydd slate mine in North Wales

Exploring Greenside Mine.

Metal mines are somewhat different. Following narrow bands of ore through rock, the passages are less well organised, often working vertically with the aid of deep shafts. Exploration of these mines can be far more difficult and dangerous. Check out the pages below to see some of the problems.


If you would like to explore underground please ensure you do the following.
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