Throughout 2005

Through rain, wind, snow and sun the production drives on making two hours of quality drama a week at the BBC's Elstree studios. About 60% of EastEnders is shot in the studio with the remainder shot on the outside "Lot" and also on location away from the main site when required.
In 2004 more than half my work was on EastEnders, that is continuing in 2005. I must be doing something right as I'm also being asked to work as camera supervisor occasionally there too.

Channel 4 racing

As in previous years, my year started at Kempton Park racecourse to cover the King George stakes for Channel 4 racing. Despite the uncertainty about the continued funding of racing on TV earlier this year, Highflier's quality coverage has been recognised as an important part of the UK horse racing scene and is continuing through 2005 into 2006.
It remains a pleasure to work on, although I could have lived without the sleet and hail in Newbury in March!

International Cricket
UK, June, July

This summer I was privileged enough to be asked to join Sky's respected team for their coverage of the one day international series, the tri-nation competition between Bangladesh, Australia and England also the three England Australia matches.

I mainly operated the new "Ulta Vision" cameras. These cameras, originally developed for industrial safety testing, shoot extremely high frame rates, up to 4,800 frames per second, that can slow down motion to a previous unseen degree of detail. The difficulties arise because these extreme frame rates mean effectively using a very high shutter speed leaving very little depth of field.
It wasn't easy.

Match of the Day

The 2004/2005 football season saw Premiership football return to the BBC with it's respected flagship programme "Match of the Day".
I have worked regularly throughout the season as one the specialist cameramen operating the close up personality cameras on the pitch side. It requires not only the skill and concentration needed for any busy broadcast camera, but also a degree of homework learning the teams and players on each match the night before at home.

Doodle Do
October - December

Most of the early winter was spent in Elstree film and TV studios making a new series for the BBC's channel for pre-school children CBeebies.

Doodle Do is another puppet series made by the same team that made The Storymakers and due to start transmission in early 2006.

It's presented by Chris Corcoran with the 'Doodle Do'ers', three characters Scribble, Stick and Dib Dab, who love making things with 'its and bits' and also enjoy clearing up after making a mess too, we hope the later will appeal to quite a few parents.

Other recent work

Whilst it's nice to be able to display some pictures of the programmes I've worked on, it's not always possible. So here a few other programmes I've worked on already this year.

  • 6 Nations rugby in Rome, BBC
  • London Marathon, BBC
  • The Proms, BBC2 & BBC4
  • The Faraday Lectures, (C4 & live to world)
  • Celebrities under pressure, ITV

Work in 2006

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